Selection Process FAQ

Candidates are asked to take a Verbal Reasoning Test and a Non-Verbal Reasoning Test, either in their own Primary Schools or in the Grammar School where they have registered, according to the area. Candidates record their answers on an Optical Mark Reading (OMR) sheet, being required to shade the correct choice on the OMR sheet.

Practice papers, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning, will be made available to Lincolnshire feeder primary schools. If the practice papers cannot be used in your child's primary school eg: if your child is at an out of county primary school, you can obtain commercially printed practice papers by Letts or GL Assessment. These come in packs, together with a guide for parents and a simplified administration and mark scheme, and are available from W H Smiths and other bookshops or from online retailers. They are similar in format to the actual 11+ tests, although they may contain more or fewer questions than the actual tests. You should buy the Multiple Choice Format, NOT the Standard Format tests:

Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 1 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-0708-72764-5

Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 2 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-0708-72765-2

Non-Verbal Reasoning Pack 3 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-07087-2766-9

Verbal Reasoning Pack 1 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-07087-2761-4

Verbal Reasoning Pack 2 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-07087-2762-1

Verbal Reasoning Pack 3 (Multiple Choice) ISBN 978-07087-2763-8

Bundle of All Verbal 11+ Practice Packs (3 Packs) ISBN 978-070872769-0

Bundle of All Non Verbal 11+ Practice Packs (3 Packs) ISBN 978-0-7087-2770-6

The practice tests are to ensure that candidates are familiar with the style of questions. Each real Test also has a short practice element; the Verbal Reasoning Test is preceded by a ten minute Preliminary Practice Test, and the Non-Verbal Reasoning Test is divided into sections each provided with a few practice questions. The answers to these practice questions are neither marked nor taken into consideration.

When the tests have been completed the OMR sheets are sent away for marking. Marks are standardised , making adjustments for age difference, to produce a qualification standard identifying suitability for Grammar School education in Lincolnshire. These results are returned to the grammar schools for distribution to parents, the primary schools that the candidates currently attend, and Lincolnshire County Council.

The qualification is a total standardised score of at least 220 on the two tests, and represents the ability of the most able 25% of pupils in the age group in primary schools in the selective areas of Lincolnshire. Please note that attainment of the minimum qualification standard does not of itself guarantee admission to any individual school.

Selection Process FAQ

No special preparation is needed. Whilst encouraging your children to take the tests seriously - they are important! - aim to help them to approach the tests calmly. Too much preparation puts children under pressure and may be counter-productive.

The Practice Tests will have given them the experience of answering similar questions in a timed situation and in each test there are some practice questions to help them settle.