Selection Process FAQ
Can I apply for admission to a different Grammar School from the one where my child was tested?
Yes. The testing process is completely separate from the admissions procedure.

What is the purpose of the tests?
The tests are designed to identify potential. They are not tests of attainment and do not reflect the amount of work done nor the teaching styles of different primary schools.

What is the 'pass mark'?
The qualifying level is a total standardised score of at least 220 on both papers.

What is a standardised score?
It is the result of a statistical procedure which converts the number of correct answers (the 'raw score') into a readily understandable scale. Standardisation enables the scores of different tests to be combined in a meaningful manner. It includes an age allowance and compares a pupil's performance to the average performance and only to pupils of the same age

Why is an age allowance made?
Almost invariably older pupils achieve slightly higher raw scores than younger pupils, and the age allowance ensures that those born, for example, in July or August are not at a disadvantage to those born in the previous September or October.

How is the age allowance calculated?
The statistics are complex, but the allowance is based on the actual extent to which older pupils score more highly in a given test. It is not fixed in advance.

Are boys and girls treated differently?
No. There is no adjustment for gender difference.

What happens if my child is ill on the testing date?
The test can be taken at a later date by arrangement with the School. Do not send your children to school to take the test if they are ill. For standardisation purposes your child's age is determined by the date when the test is taken.

Is it necessary to answer all the questions?
The tests are constructed with an element of time pressure, and not all candidates complete all the answers. It is possible to return a high standardised score without answering every question, but pupils should aim to do as many as possible. It is possible to complete the tests in the given time.

Can my child be considered if we move into the area after testing is complete?
Yes. If you contact the relevant Grammar School, arrangements can be made.

What is the situation if my child has passed an 11+ test outside Lincolnshire?
In most circumstances, it will still be necessary to take the Lincolnshire tests.

Why do some areas of Lincolnshire test in Primary Schools and others at the Grammar Schools?
When the County Council delegated selection arrangements to the schools, discussions were held in each area and arrangements made according to local wishes.

Can I purchase practice tests?
Yes. Commercial versions of reasoning tests are available, but GLA advise that such additional preparation is unnecessary and may be unhelpful.

Are there special arrangements for children with special educational needs?
The way in which the tests are constructed means that their validity requires all candidates to be treated in as nearly an identical manner as possible.

However the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 requires schools to take reasonable steps to ensure that disabled pupils are not placed at a substantial disadvantage. Any special arrangements, made after consultation with the child's Primary School, will mirror the level of support normally given in classroom situations.

Some examples of special arrangements are large-print tests for visually impaired pupils, an amanuensis for pupils with writing difficulty and extra time for pupils with an EHCP that indicates this is necessary. It is important to declare any special educational needs when completing the registration forms.

Is it possible for my child to take the test a year early?
It is possible but in practice this happens rarely and only after consultation involving the Educational Psychologist.

Is it possible to take the tests late (i.e. after the date when Local Authority preference forms have to be submitted)?
Yes. This happens, for example, when families have just moved into the area. It is necessary to ensure that the Local Authority Admissions team is fully aware of your circumstances.

Can my child take the tests at more than one Grammar School?
No. The selection tests may only be taken once in the academic year.