What parents need to know about admissions

Each grammar school is keen to provide as many places as possible for all suitably qualified children who will benefit from the grammar school ethos and the opportunities it provides.

In this respect, parental choice is very important. The Local Authority is responsible for co-ordinating admissions and normally provides parents with information about how to apply in September of Year 6.

At the present time, parents can choose up to three secondary schools when they complete the application form. These choices can include one or more grammar schools, but parents will need to know in advance whether or not their child has qualified for a place otherwise the application will be unsuccessful.

Some grammar schools are over-subscribed (this means that there are more qualified children seeking places than there are places available), although the pattern can change from year to year. Grammar schools will also vary in how they deal with this problem. Parents should consult individual school admission policies on each school's websites.

If a child is not offered a grammar school place, either because he or she has not reached the required standard for entry, or the school is over-subscribed, there is a right of appeal to an independent panel.

You can find out more about the admissions process by consulting www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions