The Consortium: Who are we?

There are 15 grammar schools in Lincolnshire and one bilateral school, King Edward VI Academy Spilsby, which takes children from across the full ability range but also maintains a grammar school stream.

Of these 16 schools all but Caistor Grammar School use standard testing arrangements which are coordinated across the county. Of the 15 schools that use the coordinated testing arrangements, 13 have agreed to a common protocol. The 2 schools which use the coordinated testing but have not adopted the protocol, use the standardised scores provided by the testing arrangements as they see fit.

Students who qualify for a place at one of the schools signed up to the protocol will qualify for a place at any of the 13 schools which signed the protocol.

Students who are offered a place at one of the schools that have not signed the protocol may not necessarily qualify for a place at another Lincolnshire grammar school. If your child has been offered a place at one of the schools that has not signed the protocol but you then wish to apply for a place in a grammar school that has, you will need to contact the school directly as additional assessment may be necessary.

The schools that have signed the protocol are:

Alford: Queen Elizabeth's Grammar, Alford - A Selective Academy
Bourne: Bourne Grammar School
Gainsborough: Queen Elizabeth's High School
Grantham: Kesteven and Grantham Girls' School
Grantham: The King's School
Horncastle: Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School
Louth: King Edward VI Grammar School
Skegness: Skegness Grammar School
Sleaford: Carre's Grammar School
Sleaford: Kesteven and Sleaford High School
Spalding: Spalding Grammar School
Spalding: Spalding High School
Spilsby: King Edward VI Academy