Selection Process FAQ
I don't know enough about grammar schools. How do I find out more?
All grammar schools have Open Day or Open Evening arrangements when you can visit, with your child, to see what is on offer. Dates and arrangements for the ensuing year are normally published by individual schools in May and June. You can also obtain a prospectus, look at school websites and make arrangements for a personal visit.

Does taking the 11 Plus mean that I have applied for a grammar school place?
No. You must apply through the Local Authority procedure. Details on how to apply will be provided by your child's primary school in early September of Year 6. You should know the results of 11 Plus testing in October before you have to submit the application.

Can I apply for a grammar school place if I live outside Lincolnshire or in an area of Lincolnshire that has no grammar school provision?
Yes. In some Lincolnshire grammar schools, a significant proportion of the pupils come from "out of area". You should read the admissions policy for each school carefully and also consider the transport arrangements you will need to make for your children.

Can I include more than one grammar school on the application form I send to the Local Authority?
Yes, but your child will need to have taken the 11 Plus and to have reached the required standard for entry. Bear in mind that you only have three choices. If you are turned down by all three of your choices because the schools are full, the Local Authority will allocate your child to the appropriate local school that does have vacancies.

Do I have to apply for a place at the grammar school through which I have registered for testing?
No, that is entirely up to you. All consortium grammar schools use the same tests and can access the results if you apply to them.

Am I entitled to know the 11 Plus scores for my child?
The answer is Yes, but scores are not routinely disclosed by some grammar schools because they require careful interpretation and are not intended for comparison. Parents who need to know the scores are those who might be contemplating an appeal or those who are not certain about the suitability of a grammar school place for their child. Headteachers are happy to release actual scores on an individual basis, if requested to do so, and will also give advice.

If my child hasn't reached the required standard for grammar school entry, is there any point including a grammar school as one of my preferences on the application form?
No, unless you are proposing to appeal. This is an independent process which takes place after 1 March and affords you the chance to demonstrate that the 11 Plus score your child gained does not fully reflect his or her academic potential. You are advised discuss to this first with your primary head teacher. You will need to have included a grammar school as one of your choices on the Local Authority preference form. More information about the appeal process can be obtained from the appropriate grammar school or from the Local Authority.

How can I know if a grammar school is likely to be oversubscribed?
You can find out how many places are on offer in each school and the number of applicants by preference for last year if you look at the Local Authority website. You can also contact the grammar school you are interested in for further advice.

Can I appeal if my child is eligible for a grammar school place but is turned down because the school is oversubscribed?
Yes. This is an independent process. It is also available to parents of children that have not reached the required standard for grammar school entry. More information about the appeal process can be obtained from the appropriate grammar school or from the Local Authority. You can also be asked to be put on a reserve list, should a vacancy become available.

What if I am not sure whether my child will benefit from a grammar school education?
If your child reaches the required standard for grammar school entry and you are not certain about their suitability for a grammar school education, you can seek advice from your primary headteacher, consider the 11 Plus scores and/or make arrangements to visit the grammar school to discuss the issues more fully. Remember that if your child has the necessary 11 Plus score for grammar school entry, it places them in the top 25% of the ability range for the cohort in question.